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Break the color barrier and tune-up your vehicles' appearance with high-performing custom aerosols from OEM Paints, manufacturer of the highest-quality factory colors available on the market.

Popular original equipment colors, specialty coatings, general purpose paints, heat resistant finishes and primers are just a few of the many coatings available through the OEM Paints line.  Best of all, products of OEM Paints are recognized as a true sign of excellence by the automotive industry and they're made in the USA.  Expose yourself to the latest upscale aerosol finishes from OEM Paints and cross the finish line as a winner.

OEM Paints – Anything Less Is Just Pretending!

Break The Color Barrier With OEM Paints!

You're invited to order your personal copy today for $10.00.  Take a spin through our extensive full-color catalog and you'll find the absolute highest-quality factory colors available on the market!  And for giving us a try, we'll mail your All Color Catalog first-class, postage FREE.  Have a look around, but remember, product delivery is currently U.S. only.  ALL CATALOG SALES ARE FINAL.

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